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Periodontal Maintenance

Here at Lanier Valley Dentistry you can benefit from consultations done by experts in periodontal maintenance. You can make sure that a treatment plan will be developed according to your needs.Untreated on time, periodontitis can lead to more complex and expensive dental treatments, such as dental implants, bridges, or dentures.

Periodontal maintenance can be either surgical or non-surgical. The treatment will differ depending on how developed your periodontitis is. Someone can never be considered completely cured of this condition, so regular check-ups are mandatory to control it.

How Complicated Is It?

Periodontal maintenance is therapeutic, and in the incipient phase, non-surgical treatment is used. This one consists of less invasive procedures. For example, it consists of removing the plaque and bacteria from teeth and subgingival regions, called scaling. It can also consist of teeth smoothing and polishing, which levels the surfaces of the teeth root, reducing the subsequent deposition of tartar. Another procedure consists of using antibiotic substances, like antibacterial mouthwash or mouth or gels that are inserted into the space between teeth and gums or in pockets following the deep cleansing.

The surgical treatment is more invasive. It can involve surgery or even bone graft, where needed. The laser can also be used in periodontal maintenance, and this removes the need for surgical procedures. The patient doesn't feel the pain caused by the gum lifting operation, bleeding is reduced during treatment, and the results are superior to classical treatments. This type of treatment takes place without pain or discomfort. The dental laser is intervening in the periodontal pockets, cleaning and sterilizing the area quickly and efficiently. So to control the disease, it is very important to follow the therapy for at least one or two years.

In the initial consultation, a clinical examination is made by our experts, along with radiographs and evaluation of general oral hygiene. The initial treatment will consist of repeated scaling, disinfection of periodontal pockets with strong antiseptic active and subgingival curettage. The laser is used along with a local application of antibiotic solutions. After following this treatment, we will make a reevaluation. This consists of measuring the periodontal pockets and further radiographs. After this, further surgical treatment may be recommended.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

Our team will often treat conditions that were completely unavoidable. Make regular visits to us, and we will be able to provide thorough check-ups and catch any potential problems before they can develop. This might sound a little inconvenient, but it can help save you a great deal more inconvenience, and expense, in the long term. Visit us regularly, and our team can also help to ensure that your smiles stay as beautiful as it can be.
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Stop hesitating and make an appointment with one of our specialized dentists. Call the experienced professionals here at Lanier Valley Dentistry at (678) 802-8654 today! We look forward to helping you with periodontal maintenance or any other issues you may have.


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We look forward to helping you with periodontal (gum) maintenance or any other issues you may have. Call Lanier Valley Dentistry in Dacula today at (678) 802-8654.
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