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COVID-19 Update
Lanier Valley Dentistry will be opening the Week of May 4th
Lanier Valley Dentistry would like to announce the reopening of our office that has been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been closely following data regarding COVID-19, including information provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Federal Government COVID-19 Task Force, State Officials, American Dental Association, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We are closely following data regarding Georgia's projected curve. We understand the gravity and precautions essential in preventing the spread of COVID-19. We take the health of our patients, staff and community very seriously.
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Tooth Extraction
Dacula, GA

Here at Lanier Valley Dentistry, we handle any tooth extractions. Tooth extraction simply refers to the removal of your tooth from its socket, which may be necessary due to several reasons. Tooth extractions are a restorative dentistry procedure. We do extractions as a last resort if the broken or damaged tooth cannot be fixed by dental fillings, dental crowns, or other treatments.

Our team of professionals resorts to extractions due to several factors. When you have extra teeth, they might need to be extracted, especially if they are blocking other teeth from coming in. Any baby tooth that’s too stubborn to fall out in the schedule for permanent teeth to come in may also need to be extracted. Teeth in the field of radiation to the neck or head may also have to be extracted.

When you are going for braces, we may need to extract some teeth if the room is needed to move into place some teeth. A weakened immune system due to cancer treatment may lead to a tooth infection and the need for extraction. If you have teeth that can be an infection source after organ transplant, extraction acts as a method of preventing the high-risk infections. Wisdom teeth that are decaying, having an infection, or are causing pain may also need to be removed.


Upon visiting our office for tooth extraction, our team of professionals begins by examining your mouth. An x-ray of the teeth is taken to help with planning for the best way of removing the tooth. You will need to provide your full dental and medical history, and the medications you are currently taking.

Our team of professionals will recommend a panoramic x-ray in case your wisdom teeth are extracted to show several things such as the sinuses, and relationship to other teeth. If you have an infection or weakened immunity, you may be given a prescription of antibiotics before and after the extraction. An IV anesthesia ranging from conscious sedation to general anesthesia may also be done in which you prepare by wearing short-sleeved clothes to give access to an IV line. You will be required to refrain from pre-surgery food and smoking to avoid painful problems.

The Extraction Process

Our professionals will perform one of the two types of extraction. The first is the simple extraction on a tooth that the professionals can see in the mouth. The elevator is used in this case to loosen the tooth, and forceps are used to extract it.

The second type of extraction is a surgical extraction, which is more complex. Our professionals will employ this method when you have a broken tooth at the gumline or a tooth that has not come in yet. A small incision will be made into your gum to remove it. In some cases, the professionals remove some bone surrounding the tooth or cut the tooth to extract it.

If you have any questions about extractions, call Lanier Valley Dentistry at (678) 802-8654 today.


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