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All-On-4 Treatment Concept Dacula GA

Dentistry has seen some incredible advancements, including upgraded dentures that look better, feel better and will stay permanently where they belong, in your mouth. If you are missing all or most of the teeth and worried how your life will change with dentures, we have some exciting information to share. A treatment known as the All-on-4® Treatment Concept uses dental implants to stabilize your denture in place. Once healed, your denture will not rock, shift, or come loose, it will stay firmly in your mouth. The All On 4 system is a modern solution for individuals with significant tooth loss, our team at Lanier Valley Dentistry can help you decide if it’s right for you.

The secret to the success of this treatment begins with dental implants. A dental implant is a post that we surgically set deep in your jaw bone. In fact, the All of 4 system uses implants that are longer than standard implants, designed to capture thicker bone. Additionally, these implants are placed at an angle to increase their strength and durability. Besides length, these implants are designed with threads, similar to a screw, but unlike putting a screw into wood, when we sink an implant into living bone, the bone continues to grow around the threads fusing the two together. Between the significant surface area and your body’s own natural healing process, the end result is a firm, stabilized post.

All on X implant supported denture.

The All On 4 Process

All On 4 is different from standard implant procedures. It doesn't require a bone graft, the implant feels stable faster, and the work can be completed in just one appointment. The process begins with a consultation with Colin Lentz, DDS. During your consultation, we will want to examine the area, review digital x-rays and discuss all medical or necessary information.

Though most patients are candidates for the All On 4 treatment, there are some factors that could exclude or delay treatment. Primarily, the patient needs to be able to heal at a reasonable rate. The ability to heal timely can be complicated for patients who smoke, have uncontrolled diabetes, are undergoing cancer treatment or are taking certain medications. For patients who fall under this umbrella, we are happy to discuss what can be done to increase your ability to heal or talk with your physician to help make those changes.

On the day of surgery, with a specific treatment map in place, we can proceed after the patient is comfortable with the appropriate anesthetic and conscious sedation. We will be embedding four dental implants. This will include opening the tissue at the designated spots, creating the space in the bone to set the implant and then placing the implant before closing up the tissue. Once the implants have been placed, we will affix a temporary prosthetic onto the implants. You will then be sent home to heal. Following a period of healing, we will then schedule an appointment to replace the temporary prosthetic with a permanent one.

The All On 4 Benefits

•  Restorative: The All On 4 system is more than a denture, it’s a restoration. You will have vastly improved function, speech, and confidence.

•  Permanent: The All on 4 treatment is designed to be a non-removable denture system. That means, once healed, it is staying put.

•  No Bone Graft Needed: Unlike other implant procedures, the All On 4 generally doesn’t require a bone graft, even if you’ve been wearing dentures for years already. This is because it uses longer implants that are angled to capture the most bone possible.

•  Feel Confidant: The real gift of All On 4 is the ability to forget you have it. Dentures come with a lot of hassle and embarrassment, having your denture retained with implants helps them feel more like your natural teeth.

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If you think that this solution might be right for you, call us at (678) 802-8654 so that we can start restoring your smile today!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Care For All-On-4 Implants?
Caring for All-on-4 implants involves regular oral hygiene practices similar to natural teeth. This includes brushing twice daily, flossing, and using an antimicrobial mouth rinse. Additionally, routine dental check-ups are crucial to monitor the implants and ensure the health of the surrounding gums and mouth.

What Are The Benefits Of All-On-4 Implants?
All-on-4 implants offer several benefits, including a full-arch restoration with only four implants, reduced need for bone grafting, improved dental function and appearance, and a shorter treatment and recovery time compared to traditional implant procedures. They provide a stable and long-lasting solution for missing teeth.


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The All-on-4® Treatment Concept uses dental implants to stabilize your denture in place, preventing it from becoming loose. Call to schedule a consultation!
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