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Laser Dentistry Dacula GA

Laser used in laser dentistry by Lanier Valley Dentistry in Dacula, GAHere at Lanier Valley Dentistry you can benefit for the latest and most modern laser treatments. Laser dentistry has many benefits and can be used in many procedures. Treatment is much faster and more comfortable, healing time is shorter, and most procedures don’t require anesthesia.

Our patients can now enjoy the most modern treatments and solutions to solve their dental problems. Many people postpone treatment for their oral cavity due to fear of pain. However, now, with laser treatments, our patients can benefit from a pain-free treatment that is easier to perform and not stressful.

Uses of Lasers

The laser can be used in different ways in dentistry. It will work differently depending on the type of operation that is being performed. If the laser is used for surgical procedures, it will act as a tool that cuts or vaporizes the tissues it comes into contact with. The laser can act on teeth or soft gingival tissues. For example, it can be used for the remodeling of gums. Reconstruction or gingival remodeling is an aesthetic process in which the gingival edge is risen or lowered and so the problem of an irregular or asymmetric gingival contour is solved.

The laser can also be used to strengthen composite fillings. In this case, the laser will increase the strength of the bond between the composite material and the tooth. Also, the laser can be used for the detection of caries - low-intensity lasers can be used for early detection of early (small) caries. It can also be used for cleaning the infected dentine inside the cavities and prepare cavities for definitive fillings.

The most common use of the laser is for teeth whitening. The laser acts as a source of energy that increases the effectiveness of whitening agents. The procedure consists of applying a whitening gel on the surface of the teeth, which is then exposed to a bright beam. This beam may be a halogen lamp or a laser beam. If low-intensity lasers are used, this speeds up the dental bleaching process; so the exposure time is much shorter compared with a halogen lamp. Also, the whitening effect is superior.

Benefits of Lasers

Laser dentistry is a non-invasive, extremely accurate, rapid, and, most important, completely painless technique. The patient doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. It reduces bleeding, and it ensures a very high treatment success rate. It can be used for various conditions as well. Also, the risk of infections is considerably reduced because the laser sterilizes the tissue. Also, a laser procedure will eliminate the need for anesthetic or sutures.

It is also recommended in cases of dental sensitivity. Lasers are used to seal the dentinal canals, which are often responsible for increasing the sensitivity of the tooth to hot or cold. Laser treatments and procedures are more accurate, and even pregnant women, and children can benefit from them. Moreover, the discomfort and stress of a procedure are almost completely eliminated.

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