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Lanier Valley Dentistry - Dr Colin Lentz
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Dental Exams

A patient getting a dental examBe sure to visit us at Lanier Valley Dentistry for regular dental exams. Not many people know that even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, and even if your teeth may seem fine with a good glance in the mirror, your mouth may still harbor dental problems. These need to be detected at an early stage before it gets more serious. Doing so can help prevent more serious problems arising in the future. Here, we can help with all types of dental exams to ensure that your oral hygiene and dental health are in tip top shape!

Dental Exams – What We Check

We examine several things when we do a dental examination. One is to check for any signs of tooth decay, take dental x-rays, and also check for oral cancer. We will also examine your past dental and medical history to check for any underlying problems. We can also help you check for teeth alignment by doing a dental impression to see if you exhibit any problems with your bite and whether you need teeth adjustments such as braces.

To check for tooth decay, we will check for any buildups such as plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) that may cause tooth decay and gum disease. If there are tooth decay or gum diseases, we will evaluate if you only need a good cleaning and some lifestyle changes, or if you need fillings, bridges, crowns, medications, or even surgery in some extreme cases.

At this time, we will also ask if you are experiencing any clenching or pain in your jaw. Any discomfort can be a sign of TMJ/TMD, which is treatable.

Using X-Rays

Taking dental x-rays is an important part of a dentist’s exam. It helps us see what your teeth and jaw bone underneath your gums look like. This helps us see if there is any hidden tooth decay and if there is, how extensive the decay is. From this information, we will then be able to devise a treatment place. Dental x-rays also help see if children’s teeth are developing properly and see if wisdom teeth or injured teeth need removal or not.

We also check for oral cancer in our dental exams, which may seem like a minor precaution, but in reality, it can be devastating if not detected early. We check where they usually form – in the tissue lining the mouth and gums, on and under the tongue alongside its base, and the back of the throat. What we look for are unexplainable lumps, thick patches, sores, or obstructions that hamper your everyday life and cause issues such as difficulty chewing, swallowing, inexplicable pain or numbness around your mouth or throat. We will always give recommendations as to what to do for treatment and which specialists to see should you be tested positive.

Remember, even though your oral health may seem fine and you’ve brushed and floss your teeth regularly, it is important that you have regular dental exams every 6 months to ensure you are in the best of dental health! Book an appoint with us or call us for more information at Lanier Valley Dentistry at (678) 802-8654 today!


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It is important that you have regular dental exams every 6 months to ensure you are in the best of dental health! Book an appoint with us today at (678) 802-8654.
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