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Do Children Get Cranky When They Are Teething?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Lanier Valley Dentistry
Do Children Get Cranky When They Are Teething?Yes, children do get cranky when teething. This is because they may experience the signs like drooling, irritability, restlessness, and loss of appetite. However, fever, illness, and diarrhea are not symptoms of teething. If your child presents with the latter signs, they need to be evaluated by your doctor. The best solution to comfort the child is to have the child chew on a cold or frozen rubber teething ring. Dentists advise against using topical anesthetics and gels.

At What Age Should My Child Take A First Visit to See a Dentist?

Research shows that children can develop their first cavities by two years old. It is recommended to book the first visit to see a dentist once a child's first tooth appears. This is usually a year after a child is born. This helps the dentist catch potential problems that can affect your child's oral health and general body health as more teeth continue to grow.

When Do Baby Teeth Typically Start Falling Out?

Most children begin losing their baby teeth between the ages of six and eight. The teeth typically fall out in roughly the same order in which children grow. It is important to understand that all patients are however different. Children and adult oral problems depend on how long they have gone without an appointment. Another condition is how long a child's baby teeth last, and what kinds of things they are naturally more sensitive to.

Call our clinic today to talk to one of our dentists about taking care of your child as they are teething. Our clinic offers additional information on recommended drinks and foods for children. Our experienced dentists will also answer any questions you might have. We are here to help you maintain general oral hygiene.


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