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Treatment of dry mouth in general dentistry

Posted on 7/18/2022 by Lanier Valley Dentistry
Treatment of dry mouth in general dentistryXerostomia is the other medical term used to describe the experience of a dry mouth. The condition is described as a disease of the salivary glands and is caused by mucosal diseases and extreme cavities. This oral condition affects our oral health and our general health quality. The disease may also be a symptom of an underlying disease. Dentists are therefore keen to examine the cause of the dry mouth extensively to determine a precise treatment plan.

Causes, symptoms, and treatment for dry mouth

A dry mouth could be a side effect of a certain prescription or non-prescription medication. Some drugs are taken in the treatment of some diseases, for example, obesity, depression, allergies, or asthma may cause hyposalivation. Certain sedatives and relaxant drugs could result to dry mouth. Certain body health conditions can also result to dry mouth. Illnesses like HIV/AIDS, diabetes, anemia, and stroke. Dry mouth is also a side effect of certain treatments; for example, during chemotherapy, radiation on the face, head, or neck could damage salivary glands, affecting saliva production. Surgical procedures or trauma to the oral and facial region could damage nerves and cause dry mouth. The condition could also result from body dehydration from fevers, vomiting, sweating profusely, or blood loss. Lifestyle habits like tobacco are also risk factors for dry mouth disease.

A dry mouth causes a sticky, dry, and tingling sensation in the mouth, thirst, soreness in the mouth and throat, dry tongue, speech and eating problems, and bad breath. The condition is treated by managing the causes of the disease, for example, changing medication. If salivary glands have already been damaged, treatment involves increasing saliva flow to the mouth. Mouth moisturizing rinses, gels, or sprays have been widely used to increase wetness in the mouth. Drinking plenty of water and chewing on sugar-free gum and candy help increase saliva flow. Good oral health practices, especially when diagnosed with a dry mouth condition, is key in preventing other oral problems like dental caries.


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