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How Acid Erosion Damages Your Teeth

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Lanier Valley Dentistry
How Acid Erosion Damages Your TeethAcids in everyday food and drink can be harmful to your teeth. Acids can wear away the enamel of your teeth, causing tooth decay. In other instances acids discolor your teeth or cause sensitivities on your gumline. When acids attack, they expose the nerves and leave the tooth susceptible to decay.

How Does This Happen?

Exposing your teeth to acid can cause calcium to leach from your teeth. When your teeth lose calcium, they lose an essential ingredient in building strong teeth. If the protective coating of your teeth is gone, you may suffer from sensitivities. You may also experience discoloration. Perhaps you notice your teeth are looking increasingly yellow or transparent. Your teeth may also have a rounded look. Lastly, small cracks may appear at the edges of your teeth. Perhaps you need more calcium, lifestyle changes, or dental treatments.

Causes of Tooth Erosion and What You Can Do

Drinking wine and fruit juice may soften the enamel of your teeth. Similarly, eating candy and sugar promotes the growth of acid creating bacteria in your mouth. Lastly, vomiting and reflux exposes your teeth to very strong acids. These are some of the many sources of acid, which may lead to tooth erosion.
Prevention has always been the key. Avoiding acid erosion is possible. If you choose to eat acidic foods, wash them down with water. If you are drinking citric juices, use a straw to limit contact with your enamel. The best thing you can drink for your body and your teeth is clean water.

Make an Appointment

Give us a call if you think your teeth may be impacted by acid erosion. It can happen to anyone, and it is best to catch any dental issue in the beginning stages. Set up an appointment for your routine cleaning an exam. We look forward to helping you navigate through any dental issues you may have.


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